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We turn concrete garages, driveways, patios, pools, walkways, and workshops into something you can you PROUD of...

Let’s face it. Not all concrete is created equal. Dirt, oil, paint, and stains can easily make concrete that was once pristine look old and dingy. The time is now to camouflage up and cover it up with premier flake coatings. 

Camo Concrete Coatings


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Our Process



We determine type of concrete to determine best possible floor prep.


Floor Prep

We diamond grind the concrete to allow for greatest cohesion possible. 


Gaps & Cracks

We fill gaps and cracks. 


Apply Coating

We will apply a polyurea full chip coating system. 


Vinyl Chip

We broadcast the vinyl chip to ensure that the floor is completely covered, leaving it uniform in color and texture.


Finish Coating

We apply Polyuria UV stable clear coat.

Why Choose Us

We’re an Award Winning Concrete Coatings Servicer for a reason. There are many “drive-by middle of the night” coatings contractors out there so whatever you do please take a moment and compare. 

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